Upgrade to the Future of GREAT Service

Ditch the dinosaur POS of yesterday. Avoid the flood of disposable plastic systems that fail when you’re busy, and join the revolution with a true hospitality powerhouse that generates revenue

Why they're all switching to Union?

There are hundreds of reasons that bars and restaurants prefer using a powerful POS designed specifically for their business type. Here are just a few

Doesn't crumble under pressure

Union runs at the same speed whether there’s 10 tabs open or 1,000+, and Offline Mode keeps you running smoothly with terminal sync and credit card processing through any Internet outages

Fast & Easy to learn

Staff can learn Union inside and out within minutes. Designed to split checks instantly, close all walked tabs in a second, and everything a big bar or restaurant needs

Built to last

Designed to withstand the beating from weekends of high-volume usage, with no need for expensive compliance and hardware updates


Completely integrated mobile ordering increases table turns, allows staff to cover more tables, and gets consumers what they want faster

See for Yourself & Get a Demo!

Find out why everyone is switching to Union by talking with one of our industry specialists. We’ll get back to you right away to set up your free demo

"Union has revolutionized the hospitality industry."

Brandon @ Green Rock Hoboken

"I really don't know how we made it through last year without Union Mobile Ordering."

Kieron @ Smithfield Hall New York

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